Also known as Covert Park, Mount Bonnell is one of the most popular and oldest sightseeing destinations in the city. Enjoy the best view in town, but to reach the 775 feet above sea level summit you’ll have to climb quite a few steps.


Located alongside Lady Bird Lake, Mount Bonnell stands as one of the highest points in the city. A great spot for a picnic, photo opp and countless proposals and engagements, local Austinite’s and tourists alike have enjoyed viewing the city of Austin and the surrounding hill country from this high ground since the 1850s.


The first-known reference to Mount Bonnell can be credited to journalist and adventurer George W. Bonnell. While traveling through the Texas frontier in 1838, Bonnell recorded his experiences and observations. His book, titled “Topographical Description of Texas to Which is Added an Account of the Indian Tribes” was published in 1840. An excerpt from the book reads:


Four miles above the city [of Austin], upon the east
side of the river, is a high peak, called Mount Bonnell.
From the top of the mountain there is a perpendicular
precipice of seven hundred feet down to the water.
The prospect from the top of this mountain, is one of
the grandest and loveliest in nature.


Mount Bonnell was designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1969, and in 2015 was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Located within the western city limits of Austin, the neighborhoods surrounding Mount Bonnell could be what you’re looking for. Contact me today to learn more!


Neighborhoods of interest around Mount Bonnell:

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